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Business automation

We will help speed up your business and reduce costs through the use of IT technologies

When working on a project - we focus on your marketing strategy, business model, business processes. We analyze, draw conclusions and build a concept. As a result, the business is more profitable, people / departments work harmoniously and without errors.

An example of the result of an automation project: A system was developed for an outsourcing financial company that processes files from client banks. A processing system has been developed, 5 different versions of 1C have been improved. As a result, the business process takes 3 times less time (not 20 clicks, but 5), which means that the opportunity to take on new clients without hiring new employees is growing.

Business automation

Most often we develop:

Most often, we solve problems: Integration of the corporate portal Bitrix24 or the creation of custom systems for managing business processes. These are CRM, ERM, web portals for process management, training, etc. We focus on the financial component of the result of our actions, therefore we are looking for the most profitable solution to the task for you.


  • Web Application (PWA)
  • CRM and ERM
  • Hosting provision
  • Online payment integration
  • Chatbot integration
  • Integration and software 1C
  • Bitrix 24 integration
  • AMO CRM integration
  • Integration of IP telephony
  • Technical support
  • Content support
Business automation


1Request and briefing: a cut of needs and pains in the words of the customer, marketing briefing-interviewing.

2Concept and implementation strategy: we create a concept of a solution or several solutions. We calculate the cost and terms. Preparing for the presentation

3Contract: ПWe sign the project documentation (contract, NDI, addition to the contract, detailed description of the project)

4Terms of reference: development and approval of technical specifications (approved at each stage, additional work affects the price)

Business automation


5Development: Integration of external services. Working with databases.

6QA Testing: Testing of all functions, from the user side + from the developer side.

7Project release: Official launch of the project, start of work with it. We control the correctness of all systems.

8Support: Tech. resource support. If it is needed, it is calculated individually for each project. Minimum 5 hours per month to service the resource.

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