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7 criteria of trust in the website of a medical center, clinic, hospital

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8 April 2020

Let's take for comparison the site of any online store, where the convenience of ordering, delivery terms and, of course, price availability are in the first place. Trust is important when developing a website for a clinic. And this is not something abstract. Turning to search engines, it becomes clear that the level of trust can be measured.


YMYL (your money or your life) is one of the Google rating flags. Search engines and moderators-assessors check a site with such a flag more deeply than a regular commercial one. The appearance of such a flag indicates a possible violation. For example, false information. Most often, medical, financial and legal websites are “under the flag”. How is the site checked? According to three main criteria:

SEO specialists usually don't have access to search engine algorithms. Because such algorithms are trade secrets. However, through experiments, it was still possible to identify several main criteria that affect the trust of search engines.

  1. External links

    To increase the credibility of the site, you need links to it from old proven resources of the same subject. And this is a separate item of expenses. Low-quality links won't work at best. At worst, they will bring the opposite result. Undoubtedly, link promotion is already becoming history. But not for medical and scientific sites. In this area, the citation index is still the main assessment criterion.
  2. Information about the company

    Here the principle “the more the better” works. Give the user as much information as possible on the website about your clinic. Also, there must be contact information with a photograph of the facade of the building. Another must-have is a virtual tour. A virtual tour of the clinic can increase the conversion rate several times! After all, the client will see with his own eyes where to go and where he will be treated
  3. Doctor cards and the button "Make an appointment"

    Cards with photos and biographies of doctors are just a must have. But the main thing is the presence of the “Make an appointment” button next to each doctor. This enables the user to go for a consultation with a specific specialist. All this also increases the conversion several times. Well, one more plus in the piggy bank of trust. Because the client signs up for a consultation with a specific doctor, with a certain experience, skills and other advantages in the track record.
  4. Questions and answers

    A section that is important not only for building trust, but also for customer feedback. Users ask their questions about everything related to the work of the clinic. And they are sure to receive answers from specialists. It is good if the answers appear promptly, at least on the same day. But the reality is that, as a rule, answers to questions are published a couple of times a week. And that's not bad either. The client's questions are very helpful to the clinic. Thanks to them, you can plan the topics of the next publications and understand what should be added to the work.
  5. Content

    In this matter, the qualifications of the copywriter are very important. An article on a medical topic should be written only by those who are well versed in this. A professional copywriter may incorrectly present material in order to increase the uniqueness rate and increase the volume of the text. But for a medical article in the first place - competent coverage of the problem, a professional answer to the user's question.
  6. Content for the site

    Google refers to the main content of the information through which the user came to the page. Additional content refers to what prompted the answer to the main question. So, for a children's clinic, the transition on request "signs of whooping cough" will be the main content of an article that describes such signs. And additional can be considered the cost of consulting a pediatrician, a list of similar articles, photo illustrations of signs of the disease, a photo of the patient during the illness and after.

    Ideally, creating an article for a medical website is a collaboration between a copywriter and a clinic representative who checks the written text from the doctor's point of view. And it allows you to put the name of the doctor under the article. Another important point is the doctor's signature under the article. Not only users, but also search engines trust more articles that have a specific author, a specialist in this field.

    As for the photos, they must also be unique. And that's without options, especially for a medical site. If you choose between your own photos or purchased in photo banks, give preference to the first option. You can create additional sections: photo, video, dictionary... This will allow you to get into the field of user wishes as best as possible.
  7. Prices

    The price should be very clear. It is good if there are links to the description of each service in the form of a card. Try to avoid scientific names and present information as clearly as possible to the user. Ideally, add a photo of the procedure, a description of the manipulations and the approximate time it will take to carry out the procedure to the cards.
  8. Certificates and reviews

    A very important point when developing a medical website. Place on your resource photos of awards, diplomas and various certificates of the clinic staff. Let users see them.
    Is your clinic being thanked or mentioned in some meaningful article? Be sure to report it on the website. At least in the news section. As for the reviews, they will also play in favor of the degree of trust.
    Summing up all of the above, it becomes clear: the clinic's website should contain extremely clear and completely comprehensive information about a specific medical institution, its employees, and also help the user find answers to questions of interest.

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