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Automation: RoboCODE for your business

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7 April 2020

"Robots work, not humans."

Business automation entails a virtual absence of human labor. The production and sales process is controlled by special programs and appropriate technology. Of course, this has a positive effect on productivity, shortens the time it takes to complete tasks and, in most cases, improves the quality of the results. In other words, the minimum risks associated with the human factor. And a maximum of sweet buns poured with machine oil.

We recall the classic Hollywood action movie "Robocop". An ordinary policeman had to spend a lot of resources in order to analyze the criminal situation, draw the right conclusions and make adequate decisions. And for a police robot, this process is a mathematical calculation lasting a fraction of a second. He is impartial and accurate in his decisions and actions. Plus RoboCop is not subject to human vices, its "body" works thousands of times more efficiently than a human and it does not require a salary.

An ordinary policeman is your business. And RoboCop is the automation of your business. It increases labor productivity, improves the quality of the services provided or the products produced. It also saves time and resources.

Naturally, all of the above leads to an increase in profits.

Now about the difficulties on the way to a bright automated future.

Taming «the Matrix» and «the Terminator»

  1. Difficulties in transition.
    The automation process is about changing the classic state of affairs in your business. To understand the strategic importance of automation, it is necessary to change not only your thinking, but also the conservative influence of your environment.

  2. Delaying deadlines.
    Typically, this is because processes are not split into manageable blocks. And no control points are highlighted. Therefore, we select general logical schemes and determine the sequence of operations.

  3. Lack of logical framework.
    When signing a document on the timing of the implementation of automation processes, it is necessary to clearly state the time limits. Design solutions or technical tasks to help you.

  4. Untimely attraction of substandard resources.
    We recommend assessing the amount of resources required and the promptness of their involvement. The ideal option is a compromise between the required resources, their actual availability and the specific time frame for the project.

  5. Staff rejection.
    Information is our everything! Good communication and media engagement will help your employees embrace the inevitable changes and realize that the future is here. If the staff is impenetrable, alas, it is necessary to replace them.

  6. Lack of functional testing.
    Positive results effectively affect the organization of the workflow in the absence of real testing of the functionality of automated business processes. After a certain time, analyze the results. If necessary, modify the obtained indicators.

  7. Lack of an effective management system.
    A way out of the situation is a specialist in conflict resolution invited from outside, who will help with the settlement of sore disagreements and the resolution of difficult situations.

  8. Low priority.
    If the project has a low priority and the implementation of business automation processes is sloppy, an appropriate analysis should be carried out to identify the causes of such a situation. And eliminate them in a timely manner. Does not help? Eliminate the performer.

  9. Lack of criteria for achieving goals or evaluating results.
    Assessment criteria require an individual approach. It all depends on the specifics of the project. When you decide on the specifics, then, undoubtedly, simplify the implementation of the tasks. And you will quickly reach nirvana in the automated business future.

Secret RoboCODE of Success

Business automation does not always occur at such a pace and not always as quickly and efficiently as we would like it to be. But this process is an integral part of our common future. And therefore: whoever is being automated now gets the secret RoboCODE of success. Your business security code protects against a lack or excess of control, chaotic reporting, discipline and other disrupters that affect your bottom line. We, at UAITLAB, have been helping businesses automate internal and external processes since 2013. We have extensive experience in 14 industries and over 25 successful projects. Contact us and together we will develop your secret RoboCODE of success