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Corporate identity and logo

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8 April 2020

Identity is a collection of elements designed to create a certain image in the perception of the consumer.

Identity is often confused with branding. These concepts are different. Branding includes marketing techniques that help shape brand uniqueness.

Тоді як під айдентикою сприймають сукупність саме графічних форм і принципів. Вони створюють візуал. І є невід'ємною частиною бренду.

Whereas by identity we mean a combination of graphic forms and principles. They create visuals. And they are an integral part of the brand.

Why is a well-designed visual image so important? It is the identity that makes your products recognizable and helps them stand out from competitors. And, of course, it creates the right image in the eyes of the consumer. Why, in principle, do you need a corporate style and how will it help business? It is able to inspire confidence in the buyer and create the image of a prosperous company. Identity is something that is worth allocating finances for in order to save money later. The corporate style and logo will subsequently save you from unnecessary advertising costs. Because the identity is responsible for creating a holistic visual perception of the brand. A well-thought-out corporate identity is one of the strongest tools in the competition for a place in the sun.

It's important to remember to update your corporate identity and logo over time. Especially if there have been some changes in the company. Any changes affect the positioning of the company, which should be reflected in the corporate identity and logo.


Brand identity

The correct development of a corporate identity is based on several factors. And they are immutable, that is, they are constants. This includes graphics, color and typography. All together, this should look organic, as a single system that reflects the idea of ​​the brand and its positioning in the market. When working on a corporate identity and logo, it is important to take into account the fact that all this will be present not only on corporate documents, souvenirs and promotional items. Don't forget about printing and outdoor advertising. If you strictly adhere to these principles, then the corporate identity of the brand will become an important element of its promotion.

What forms the basis of the brand's corporate identity:

1. Name. Identifies the brand in the market. The name is the starting point for creating a logo and corporate identity. Therefore, it must be flawless - capacious, memorable. A unique, bright and memorable name combined with a corporate identity will become an effective tool for promoting a brand on the market.

2. Logo. The most important element in a brand's visual identity system. It includes the style of the brand, reveals its values ​​and sets the vector of the future corporate identity. The development of corporate identity elements is a logical continuation of the logo creation. Try to avoid boring forms and listen to original options.

3. Graphic style. This includes graphic elements that complement the logo and help better reveal the brand's philosophy. Together with the logo, these elements form the basis for creating the corporate identity of the company.

4. Color solution. A set of shades and colors that will become an integral part of the corporate identity. They will be used in all elements of the company's corporate identity. To create an accurate emotional background, you need to choose the right color combination. This will have a positive effect on brand awareness and perception.

Fonts. As a rule, corporate fonts are prescribed in the brand book. They are used to write texts that make up the information space of the brand: documents, advertising materials, etc.


Corporate identity and logo design: main tasks

Development of a corporate identity and logo is the foundation in brand building. The effectiveness of branding will depend on how successfully the tasks are solved.

Identity is the most important challenge in branding. The consumer should easily recognize the brand among numerous competitors. The corporate identity (logo, packaging, corporate colors) will help with the solution of the problem.

Creating an image is a must-have element of branding. The corporate identity will indicate the values ​​of the brand, its concept. Will lay the foundations for a positive image.

Confidence. The corporate identity will reflect the true values ​​of the brand. And they, in turn, will find a response in the soul of the consumer. And it will help to gain sympathy and increase brand confidence.

Brand differentiation, its ability to declare its advantages and benefits. These indicators affect the growth in demand. And corporate identity plays an important role in solving this problem.

Promotion. If the tasks described above are solved correctly, then the market value of the brand will undoubtedly increase. Will positively affect the value of the product and the recognizable corporate identity of the brand. A brand that is attractive to the consumer is always commercially successful. In addition, the advertising impact on the target audience will increase

Requirements for corporate identity and logo

The corporate identity and logo are the face of the brand. Therefore, it is very important to entrust their development to professionals. The qualifications of the performer also matter. And its aesthetic level.


There are a number of requirements for creating a corporate identity and brand logo:

When placing an order for the development of a corporate identity and logo, it is especially important to convey to the contractor a clear idea of ​​the brand and its positioning. The developer must have a good understanding of what the brand is, what are its advantages and what target audience the content is intended for. Those who have difficulties with the formulation of the concept and description of the target audience, it is better to turn to professionals.

Corporate identity and logo in different business areas

There are no universal rules for creating a corporate identity and logo. Each segment has its own characteristics. Conditionally, we propose to divide all business space into three groups:

  1. Products and service. This includes manufacturers of goods and services, as well as events aimed at promoting the brand. When creating a corporate identity and logo in this category, it is important that the consumer identifies and differentiates the brand from competitors.
  2. Non-profit group. This category includes state and municipalities, social, public and political organizations, charitable foundations, cultural and socio-political events. In this case, when developing a corporate identity and logo, it is important to form a positive image and win the user's trust.
  3. Celebritis. At this point we are talking about people-brands. And at the same time, each of these people has his own philosophy, his own message ... And in this case, when creating a corporate identity and logo, only an individual approach is needed.


Of course, this classification is very arbitrary. However, it also makes it clear how the requirements for corporate identity and logo may vary depending on the segment.

For example, in the field of goods and services, you need to study the competitive environment well, take into account the methods of brand promotion and future advertising materials.

As for non-profit organizations, values ​​and mission come first.

And when creating a corporate identity and logo for a public person, it is important to be familiar with his work, business, social and political life ... Because in this case, the corporate identity and logo should reflect the individuality of the owner and correspond to his image.

Order a logo and corporate identity

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