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Logo creation rules

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8 April 2020

Not surprisingly, a product with a recognizable logo has a higher percentage of trust. This is why logo creation is very important to a company's image.


Logo and brand

Very often, business owners do not pay enough attention to the creation of a logo. They postpone this process until they have acquired a certain circle of customer-buyers. However, with this philosophy, the customer list may not grow. Another group of entrepreneurs prefer to do it themselves instead of a well-designed logo. This is how strange releases and other promotional materials appear, which the professional obviously did not have a hand in. What does this principle lead to?

  1. All this looks unpresentable. And the consumer will immediately have a negative attitude towards your product. That is, we are not talking about any increase in trust.
  2. It will be difficult to find worthy partners. You will be perceived as a small company. And no big company wants to risk its own image. To declare yourself worthily, you need to have an appropriate visual image. After all, it is an integral part of the brand policy. Having decided to create a trademark, trust the professionals.
  3. Consider the fact that each logo should be more than just memorable. It must meet international standards. A company with a low quality logo is considered incompetent. And they are unlikely to be taken seriously.
  4. «A "raw" » ogo will declare you as a company for which public opinion is not important. This means that the company is not consumer-oriented, does not take into account the wishes and needs of its audience. Consequently, you will be credited with low quality products. Can we expect sales growth in this case?
  5. If you present new versions of the logo and site design every time, this will indicate your lack of a clear image and hiding your goals. You will completely confuse the consumer, which will lead to a loss.
    Today, there are many logos that stand out perfectly from the gray mass. They are not just bright, but carry a certain message, delighting in their uniqueness and simplicity. This is exactly what a perfect logo should have. Pepsi, Siemens, Star bucks, Philips, Apple are examples. All of these companies devote millions of dollars to the maintenance and development of their brand.

What makes these logos the kind that sets them apart from the competition? All of them are based on the design technique and professionalism of the developers. When designing a logo, it is important to clearly understand the characteristics of your audience. Take the McDonald's logo, for example. Young children will recognize it by the general logo, not because they can read the name on the sign. But in adults, perception and consciousness are different. And they will remember that logo, which is made taking into account all the features of the subconscious.

A properly designed logo will become an active marketing tool for the company. He will also form a correct understanding of the business and provide information about the company's activities. A professionally created logo is the foundation of the brand. And an important tool that helps you distinguish your company from competitors. The logo is the philosophy, essence and idea of ​​the company.

A logo designed taking into account all important parameters is pleasing to the consumer's perception. It gives the customer the feeling of choosing the right product. This means that the trust of your audience is growing. Thanks to the logo and corporate identity, a potential buyer will remember the company on an emotional level. What to depict on the company logo is up to you with a team of professionals. It can be something concrete or something abstract. The main thing is that your logo carries an extremely accurate essence that indicates a connection with your business.

What makes a perfect logo

Of course, the logo must be unique. Even small elements of someone else's design should not be borrowed.
Another important criterion when creating a logo is a good image of your company's message. It must be, and it must be correctly "read" by the consumer.

Everything should be extremely simple. The buyer should be easy to "read" and understand correctly. If this does not happen, then the logo is not entirely successful.

Do not give up on non-standard ideas. Sometimes a client is attracted by a creative flavor.
On the one hand, the logo should correspond to the times and its trends. On the other hand, don't overload the logo with something ultra-modern. Fashion is too fickle. Simply put, a logo should be a modern classic.
For a logo design to attract potential buyers, research and surveys are essential. At the stage of creating a logo, you need to find out the opinion of people about the proposed options. It is important to clarify what feelings and emotions the sketches evoke, etc.


Logo design principles

In whatever size you want, your logo should look decent.

Get rid of unnecessary design details that distract from the main idea.

When designing a logo, always keep in mind what target audience you are working for.

Keep track of the combination of colors, sizes, shapes. All this should be organic.

It is important to find an image. He will become the link between the company and the consumer. A correctly chosen image will convey the correct information about the idea and attract the audience. Hence, your brand will be in demand.

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