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UI / UX design: 20 trends in 2020

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8 April 2020

  1. Reason is more important than action

    The development of technology gives designers and developers truly endless possibilities for realizing the customer's fantasies. Nevertheless, trends are shifting - emotions and sensations are replaced by meaning and logical narrative.The basis of Gestalt theory is that the whole is more significant than the sum of its parts. So solving business issues through design is more than just a component of a company's success.. As pretentious as it may sound, when your products influence people, you bear not only legal, but also social responsibility. Therefore, the public importance of your products is the capital of the future, an equally important aspect of your company's financial success compared to the quality of a product or service.In other words: in the near future, the cause of the action will be more important than the action itself.
  2. Movement is life!

    There is an opinion, they say, "fancy" animation is so dependent on "fancy" technical support that it loses any sense of creation for the mass consumer. After all, the mass consumer uses weak processors.It turns out this is a myth. There are products that can surpass industry standards written for "low-end hardware" without relying on the hardware manufacturers to do so. Let's say plugins and interactive animation development tools from GreenSock. The company optimizes the process of creating interactive projects to work effectively on almost any gadget. And the essence of the animation of the future is revealed in technologies from TweenMax and WebGL.. Of course, this new design universe has yet to be explored for many. By the way, in our company we work with WebGL quite successfully. We follow trends and move in this direction - both literally and figuratively. High-quality animation to the masses!
  3. Wide asymmetry

    While the classics of block prototyping rules. The block layout is a consequence of the available information. The case when the boundaries are defined by the concept. With him there is a feeling of completeness. It helps to "enter" the structure without stress. Blocks are symmetry. But let's remember about asymmetry. She has always been present on the market, but today it may well become relevant and take a significant position in the provision of business design services. Reason number one: the use of widescreen screens.Reason number two: using multiple tools that fight for screen space. The result of these battles is a split screen, undoubtedly reflected in the principles of prototyping. What used to be a utility of two blocks of information on one screen is now turning into the aesthetics of visualizing any information.
  4. Mood color blue

    The design of recent years has been developing under the motto of automation, delegation and other manifestations of optimization. However, with this approach, visualization of elements requires high human energy costs. One of the options to ease the pain of a designer are "light", light, delicate, dreamy, diluted colors and shades.The trend towards dilution of blue and violet continues. In 2020, we expect new options on the display palette.
  5. Positive naturalness

    If we talk about color trends in 2020 globally, then the global trend of naturalness can be traced here. Plus positive shades.. In general, "modestly, but tastefully" is in fashion ... for life. However, this trend by no means abolishes the color palette. Moreover, the effect of naturalness is emphasized by some bright, even lurid element that dilutes the muted colors.
  6. Content cyborg

    The intensive development of UX copywriting raises the bar for copywriters. Even the term "UX Writing" is predicted to be disappearing. Since any copywriting that describes products for people is UX copywriting a priori.                        The following is important: the text no longer accompanies the design, it is a part of it. Now the context and the author himself are of no small importance. The letters are lined up in a logical chain designed to find not so much emotional as practical response from the consumer. This copywriting method is a content cyborg that allows the consumer to analyze the product and form their attitude towards it.
  7. We deliver the decrees of the king

    It's not a secret for anyone: today's reality is the prevalence of pictures over words. Fast loading in layouts and out-of-control videos combine against structured classics. Yes, content is king. But this king is nothing without his retinue, which ensures the people "delivery" of the king's decrees.A mix of diverse content is a quality experience according to your rules.Website composition 2020: screens, illustrations and videos.
  8. Beauty saves again

    It does not hurt to remind once again: what is created by people for people works. Beauty will save the world. Emotions on a practical level will defeat any mathematically built strategy.
  9. Hazard code turns into opportunity code

    The strength of a designer is in development. The mistake of many companies. The mistake of many companies is that they create projects that cannot be implemented within a specific time frame, with a specific budget or with the help of specific people. Some designers learn to code and become "dangerous" - they know enough to argue, but not enough to do.  This danger should become an opportunity thanks to Webflow, the visual tool of the future that allows any design fantasy to be realized with HTML and CSS. Future design is all about interaction. The importance and necessity of such a visual tool is beyond doubt. Any pixel movement is a code change. This approach is the perfect way to code for any designer. And generates a new creative unit in the team - Developer (designer and developer in one person).
  10. Emptiness effect

    When each of the elements fights for attention, none gets attention. Naturally, the most important must be in plain sight. And he needs a space to argue his value in the context of the idea that the interface conveys. Consider micro and macro voids, text and paragraph spaces. All of them can be active and passive. And they all scale. This is pragmatic. We tend to process compressed information for longer and with less understanding. White space is an effective way to highlight the main message.
  11. The devil is in the details

    The modern designer is associated with a set of vector icons and the "our advantages" box. Today we return to unpretentious scenarios and natural images. In 2020, more and more companies will try to use detail effectively. The maximum high resolution of the image practically brings the customer to the feeling of tactility. And this is a state of temptation one moment before the purchase.
  12. Context decides

    Types of behavior on the Internet should be mistaken for types of behavior in society.In 2020, we are paying more and more attention to context. Down with the average user in the average context with the average level of engagement! Based on the behavior of people on the Internet, analysts are creating an increasingly individual portrait of the consumer. How long does the user hang on the page? What is the scrolling speed? And so on and so forth. This, in turn, should be reflected in the behavior of the website.
  13. «SWIPE's »"American Pie"

    PWA bridges the gap between apps and the mobile web. Access to identical functionality is possible in two ways. This obliges designers to create consistent UX patterns.

    One of the differences between apps and mobile websites is the need for mediation - the browser. Last year, Cake appeared - the first real mobile browser.Technically, this is a familiar app from the AppStore that is the leader in freeing oppressed users from the slavery of apps. But Cake provides a familiar application experience when using search engines and browsing websites. PWA is going to be a trend. Accordingly, the market will grow with support for mobile browsers.In general, we are waiting for a swipe, and we, by the way, have been doing projects projects using PWA technology since 2018
  14. In the beginning was the word

    Another design trend in 2020 is the continuation of the bold typography trend - overlapping typography. Headings overlapping posters are an alternative to sound.Go boldly towards graphic appeal! Daily "digestion" of a huge amount of textual information encourages us to voice the essence. Say a word - and you will be happy!
  15. Artistic approach

    Illustrating 2020 is progressing so much that designers are trying to “reinvent the wheel” - to generate styles that are nothing more than works of fine art recreated on digital media.And these are new opportunities for artists who don't like stocks.This trend is inextricably linked with promotion. Absurd design is a good example of taking a purely artistic approach to creating content and adapting it to the business.
  16. Custom navigation

    The biggest design trend in 2020: Products that embrace the user experience. There are proven conversion methods and prerequisites for specific purposes. But, if we support the brand with powerful visuals, then we should use all the resources on the website, one of which is navigation. If navigation is logically woven into the story, it amplifies the effect. There are two types of navigation items: visible and hidden. Therefore, it is important to design navigation based on information flows.
  17. Don't build walls - tear them down. We actively use full-screen visual effects.

    Content that is centered on the page and stimulated by social media causes problems at different levels.Yes, the first thing we look at is the central part of the screen.  naturally leverage highly predictable user behavior and place meaningful content in the middle of the page.But don't forget the benefits of using all the usable space on the page.But what if you show the user the following: the usable screen space is only part of the visible content? This will encourage him to do more research and potentially lower bounce rates.The depth of the full screen experience can only be limited by the effect you produce. This makes sense for complex issues and socially significant problems - in cases where it is important to place the person in the right contex.
  18. Visualizing important, not accessible

    As technologies for creating interactive experiences become more available, marketers can build complete strategies based on visual data.We all already know that showing is better than telling. But if you can tell and show, it's even better.. WWebGL and 3D are powerful combinations when there is meaningful data to display. The source is any sample of data. All we have to do is filter them and find the most effective ones. Data visualization is not just about charts and graphs designed as easy-to-digest pieces of information. Depending on what is important to the user, we can select data sources and present them graphically.
  19. Press the button - you will get the result and your dream will come true!

    Do you want it? Click here and visit this page. Want more illustrations? Click here and scroll. Want reviews? Click here and read such and such a section. Want to buy? Click on the basket icon, then go to the corresponding page, enter your credit card number, but register before that, fill in a few dozen text fields, agree to the "Terms and Conditions", receive an invoice by email, track your order. Each step in this process encourages the user to question their intention to purchase the product. Each field that he has to fill out wastes precious time. Apparently, he must have a VERY high motivation. But imagine the following. If the site needed to get from you ... only your desire to make a purchase? One button and voila! Smartphones are already using this trick, integrating simple gestures and Face ID into payments. The trend is more and more relevant every day, gentlemen. It makes sense to pay close attention to the ethical aspect here. Technology is making a commitment to humanity regarding the privacy of personal data. To avoid "leaking", we solve the issue from the opposite: we do not refuse personal data, but actually use it. The user should not hesitate whether he can entrust you with his personal information. This should be included in his intentions from the very beginning. Our task is to accept the user's intent and turn it into pleasure. Whatever we use to do this, it's okay as long as our actions remain ethical and meet modern safety requirements. The Internet is powered by cookies. Without them, it would have turned into a sump. Now it's the turn for geolocation. Continuous UX begins where confidential information is treated like a mystery, not a commodity.And it's not just about shopping. Any goal of the user should be considered similarly. If you've won the battle for customer attention, you can't lose the battle for customer satisfaction. Don't interrupt someone who wants to give you their money
  20. Eternal trend: to be different:

    The technological hype stimulates our desire to be "in sight". But hype is just the tip of the iceberg of our experience and qualifications. You shouldn't sell your soul to a virtual devil for the sake of additional likes and reposts. Trends are trends, but no one canceled the opinion of a professional who knows how to analyze the market.Yes, any business in the finale should lead to money. But designers - like other representatives of the creative professions - are remembered for their work that stands out from the general picture in the market. If we talk about the approach of the UAITLAB agency - Creativity can be calculated mathematically. We work and give results solely based on logic and collected analytics.

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