Интернет-агентство решений для бизнеса ≡ UAITLAB
Web design

We will develop a logo and corporate style for your business, as well as printing and web design for your website and mobile application.

Creativity can be calculated mathematically – this is exactly about us and our approach. We work and give the result solely based on logic and collected analytics.

We work in: Ps, Ai, Id, Figma

Web design

Most often we develop:

Most often, we are faced with three tasks:
- development of a logo concept, creation of a corporate identity and preparation for printing its elements;
- UX development - user flow and interfaces for the convenience of using web resources and applications;
- UX / UI - complex creation of website design in mobile and PC versions.


  • Logo
  • Form style
  • Guideline
  • Brand book
  • Polygraphy
  • Web design
  • Mobile design applications
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
Web design


1Request: We receive a clear, formulated description of the task.

2Contract: We sign the project documentation (contract, NDI, addition to the contract, detailed description of the project)

3Briefing: A cross-section of needs and pains in the words of the customer + briefing-interviewing (voice recorder / skype meeting)

4Analytics: Research environment (market, competitive landscape, users). Moodboard development.

Web design


5UX / UI concept: We create a concept of a solution or several solutions

6Feedback from the client: Suggestion of a variant/s of the concept. Feedback processing. Final proposal preparation

7Logo: Development and packaging of all logo sources approved by the customer

8Corporate identity: Development and packaging of all sources, font files, .png files of patterns and elements.

Web design


9Printing: development of mockups for all media and approval with the customer. Making adjustments

10Printing preparation: communication with the customer's printing house and preparation of all sources of printed products according to printing requirements.

11Transfer of all sources: all sources are packed into an archive and transferred to the customer.

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