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8 April 2020

web development · website development · site · medical · development

7 criteria of trust in the website of a medical center, clinic, hospital

The development of the clinic's website, as a rule, has its differences from other commercial sites! Let's understand what for...

7 April 2020

Automation · business processes · php · frontend · backend · layout · design

Automation: RoboCODE for your business

Modern business is based on continuous production and sales processes. And these processes need automation more and more every day. We offer you to understand with us the pros and cons of automation.

8 April 2020

UX · UI · figma · design· UI/UX design· UI/UX trends

UI / UX design: 20 trends in 2020

We saw the main tendencies, which are promoted by the UI / UX design.

8 April 2020

design · logo · style · design

Corporate identity and logo

Corporate identity is also called corporate. It is a combination of graphic images and immutable elements that are designed with the idea and concept of the brand in mind. Corporate identity is the basis of a visual brand, or identity.

8 April 2020

Logo · development · analitics · design

Logo creation rules

Logo is an important component for brand development. Especially - the brand. When creating a logo, it is important to consider its originality and ability to be easily remembered.